Scalable Many-Objective Pathfinding Benchmark Suite

Jens Weise and Sanaz Mostaghim


Final version available here.

Supplementary Material PDF here.

The benchmark instance generator can be downloaded here.

True Pareto-Fronts and Sets can be downloaded here.


Please read the provided README files before using the software or the Pareto-fronts.


Cite as: J. Weise and S. Mostaghim, "A Scalable Many-Objective Pathfinding Benchmark Suite," in IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, doi: 10.1109/TEVC.2021.3089050.


PlatEMO Implementation

PlatEMO implementation is now available here.

Please refer to the README inside the zip file.


Updated on: 19/11/2021




19th Nov 2021: Uploaded PlatEmo implementation

12th Jul 2021: Updated supplementary material

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